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Social Innovation


Water is an essential natural resource upon which all life depends. While 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, only a small fraction - some 0.01% - represents readily potable water.

To date, Hitachi has delivered some 550 water treatment plants, 2,800 sewage treatment facilities, and 900 monitoring and control systems to locations across Japan. Building on this track record, we continue to deliver water systems that strengthen water infrastructures around the world.

Finding Solutions to the World's Water Problems

At Hitachi, we believe social innovation holds the key to meeting the world's diverse water needs. Since each region has unique water issues, each requires an innovative and individual solution. We draw on our extensive experience and advanced information technologies to help establish optimal water infrastructures. In addition to contributing to safe, reliable water supplies, we use real-time data to efficiently manage overall water use and treatment cycles.

  • Keeping the Taps Flowing in Kandy City

    Residents of Sri Lanka's second-largest city enjoy a plentiful supply of safe drinking water

  • Producing safe drinking water in the densely populated Maldives

    The Maldives' name comes from the Sanskrit words meaning “a flower wreath made of islands.” As the name suggests, the Republic...

  • Hitachi pump technologies: Advancing over 100 years in pursuit of solutions to water resource problems

    Water is essential to support human life. Yet many countries and regions are suffering from shortages of water. To resolve this problem...

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