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Social Innovation

Urban Development

City centers continue to grow day after day, one new office building rising after another. Hitachi supports attractive urban development, motivated by the desire to make cities hospitable and to create ideal environments for the people who live and work there.

Examples include the development and manufacture of elevators, which move people in comfort within buildings and urban spaces, as well as construction equipment. Hitachi also supports initiatives in comprehensive building management, facilities maintenance, security systems, and other areas to help make urban communities more functional.

Making Urban Spaces More Secure, Comfortable, and Convenient

Today, as buildings grow taller and larger, elevators and escalators have become an essential part of the urban landscape. Hitachi builds ultra high speed elevators that are safe, comfortable, and energy efficient for global markets, including Japan, the Asian region, and the Middle East. By fusing our expertise in advanced information technologies (IT) and urban service infrastructure, we're contributing to the development of secure, comfortable, convenient urban communities.

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    Building a sustainable society by developing superior products

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