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Social Innovation


To help people travel in greater safety and comfort between cities, Hitachi offers advanced solutions for railway rolling stock design and manufacture, operations management, monitoring and control, information services, and maintenance, as well as road and airport management and control.

We're also developing electric-vehicle technologies to help realize more environmentally aware modes of transportation. As a comprehensive mobility systems integrator, Hitachi is supporting the future of the transportation infrastructure, from railways to automobiles.

The Railway is at the Core of Every City

Maybe train tracks don't go on forever, but they do need to develop as the cities around them grow. At Hitachi, we use advanced information technologies to build world-leading trains and rail systems that connect people and help communities thrive. We also create new services that enrich lives by linking trains to various levels of the social infrastructure.

  • High-speed trains, driven by superior Japanese technologies, run in the U.K., the birthplace of railways

    With quick acceleration, fast journey times and better comfort, Hitachi's brand new, highly advanced Azuma trains will service the UK's...

  • Building the First Driverless Rail Transit System in the US

    Ansaldo Honolulu, a Hawaii partnership between Hitachi Group Companies, is building rail cars for Hawaii's first public train transportation system.

  • Providing Safe and Comfortable Commute Hitachi Monorail Projects

    Sometimes a train route becomes so popular, it helps reduce car accidents. This is the case in Brazil where Trensurb, with help from Hitachi...

  • The UK's New Advanced Azuma Trains Accelerate Faster and Arrive Earlier

    This is a hugely important moment for passengers on the East Coast. Our new fleet of Azumas will... propel one of the UK's most prestigious...

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