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Social Innovation


There's a new tide in manufacturing, one that's been called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It involves harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data to transform the structure of industry into one that's both sustainable and more efficient.

Hitachi offers a diverse range of services across the value chain to help identify solutions to the issues currently confronting manufacturing industries, including the acceleration of new product development, the optimization of global production chains, and the handling of mega-recalls.

Harnessing the Power of IT to Support the Future of Manufacturing

Hitachi sees a need for social innovation that fuses information technology (IT) with operational technologies (OT), thereby improving conditions and promoting innovation in manufacturing industries that confront a wide range of challenges. Such innovation will contribute to a higher quality of life worldwide by reforming processes ranging from design and development to manufacturing and logistics. Another goal of Hitachi's initiatives is to help usher in a new era in manufacturing through the application of advanced technologies, including advanced technologies associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Making the “Other” Hayabusa Project Possible

    Japan's space agency calls on Hitachi to handle precious asteroid samples brought to Earth by its explorer.

  • Analyzing and quantifying issues in the manufacturing workplace: a new approach to improving workplace efficiency

    Hitachi uses state-of-the art IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to reduce workloads on production lines while increasing...

  • Hitachi develops artificial intelligence capable of grasping site conditions and issuing work orders

    Hitachi has developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology capable of understanding subjects such as demand fluctuations and kaizen...

  • Offering Culture and Leisure with Comfort and Sustainability

    A huge social facility in Brazil keeps thousands of visitors cool every day with Hitachi Air Conditioning

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