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Social Innovation

Life & Economy

Hitachi delivers advanced solutions across a wide range of spheres closely related to our daily lives, including healthcare, public services, and financial services. The goal is to contribute to a future society that's ever more hospitable to human life.

Examples include the development of products and technologies that reduce the burden on patients (e.g., ultrasound diagnostic equipment and reliable finger-vein authentication technology).

Improving Quality of Life for All

Hitachi believes social innovation will play a key role in improving quality of life and establishing a society in which we can all live with peace of mind. Our goal is to improve quality of life by identifying and addressing issues present in our everyday lives. For example, we're drawing on our accumulated technologies as well as advanced information technologies (IT) to advance healthcare services optimized for individuals and to ensure the safety of the social infrastructure. In such ways, we hope to provide support for a society in which people can live comfortable lives.

  • Offering Culture and Leisure with Comfort and Sustainability

    A huge social facility in Brazil keeps thousands of visitors cool every day with Hitachi Air Conditioning

  • Keeping the Taps Flowing in Kandy City

    Residents of Sri Lanka's second-largest city enjoy a plentiful supply of safe drinking water

  • Preserving Quality of Life with Less-Invasive Particle Therapy

    Rapid advancement of medical technology in recent years has made it possible to treat patients suffering from difficult-to-treat....

  • Hitachi's New Service Turns Smartphones into Cash Cards!

    Hitachi is partnering with companies involved in FinTech inside and outside of Japan to support the creation of new business models...

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