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Social Innovation

Urban Development

The World's Fastest Elevator Hitachi's Challenge in China

The World's Fastest Elevator Hitachi's Challenge in China - With advancing economic growth and urbanization, there is tremendous demand for ultra high-rise buildings in Asia's big cities. Accordingly, innovation in vertical infrastructure, such ...

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Hitachi develops technology capable of estimating demographic attributes by measuring human behavior through analysis of 3D imaging data

Hitachi has developed a technology for real-time, high-precision assessment of human behavior and estimation of demographic attributes. By analyzing 3D data from stereo cameras,*1 this technology achieves high-precision analysis ...

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High-speed trains, driven by superior Japanese technologies, run in the U.K., the birthplace of railways

Competition for high-speed railway business abroad has been growing among multinational corporations. In 2005 Hitachi became the first Japanese company to manufacture trains for the U.K., the birthplace of railways. In 2012, in recognition of ...

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"Collaborative Creation" to Solve Energy Problems in Hawaii Hitachi's Smart Grid Demonstration Project

Maui Island in the State of Hawaii has been rushing to integrate large amounts of renewable energy into its utility grid, causing new problems such as excess energy and instability in the power supply. To resolve these issues, Hitachi has been ...

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Hitachi Water Projects, Solving Water Problems in a Tropical Paradise

The Maldives' name comes from the Sanskrit words meaning "a flower wreath made of islands". As the name suggests, the Republic of Maldives is comprised of coral reefs and about 1200 islands in the Indian Ocean. In recent years, tourism and ...

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Hitachi develops artificial intelligence capable of grasping site conditions and issuing work orders

Hitachi has developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology capable of understanding subjects such as demand fluctuations and kaizen activities in the workplace based on the big data collected daily by business systems. The technology is also ...

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Hitachi Nurtures Seeds of Innovation with Human Symbiotic Robot Project

As Japan expects labor shortages stemming from its aging society and declining birthrate, anticipation is growing for service robots. There are still many technical challenges remaining to create robots that are symbiotic and supportive to human ...

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Life & Economy

Searching for Safer and More Effective Cancer Treatment, Hitachi Proton Beam Therapy System

Rapid advancement of medical technology in recent years has made it possible to treat patients suffering from difficult-to-treat conditions. Meanwhile, the number of cancer patients is ...

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