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Social Innovation


an idea—one with the power
to change everything.
At Hitachi, we’re bringing together
the world’s greatest minds to help breathe
life into new possibilities.


A better tomorrow

The challenges around us can
seem insurmountable.
When we come together,
thinking on a global scale,
we can create novel solutions
to social problems.

Collaborative Creation

Through collaborative creation,
we're bringing thinkers and
doers together
to bring
innovation for a better future.

Hitachi aims to

"An Innovative
Partner for the
IoT Era."

Through the advanced Social Innovation Business, which utilizes digital technologies, Hitachi will accelerate collaborative creation with its customers.


Our Social Innovation Business resolves issues faced by society and customers
by combining advanced IT with operational technology (OT) and products/systems,
allowing us to provide total solutions.
Can you imagine how we accelerate collaborative creation
by advanced Social Innovation Business?


Today the shift toward the Internet of Things has started to connect various data each other.
Lumada, our newly built IoT platform,
is an open,
highly flexible common platform that is incorporates the artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics.

With Lumada, we will create a wide range of digital solutions,
and steadily develop advanced
Social Innovation Business.

Co-creating a better tomorrow
See Hitachi's Social Innovation Business

  • AI
  • Life & Economy
  • Analytics
  • Robotics
  • Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Energy
  • R&D
  • Urban Development

  • Four Stories--Stories of Co-creation

    Hitachi Social Innovation comes together in any of a number of ways. Take a closer look inside the co-creation that went into the telling of our four stories.

  • IoT Platform Lumada

    Lumada is an open, flexible, verified and secure solution enabler, with a set of IoT blueprints that we customize...

  • Humanoid Robot "EMIEW3" and Robotics IT Platform.

    Hitachi's EMIEW3 humanoid robot capable of autonomously approaching customers who require assistance.

  • Over 100 Years of Social Innovation

    As a company that's been focused on Social Innovation since it's inception, Hitachi has an illustrious history of developing...