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Social Innovation


It is estimated that India's population will grow to 1.7 billion by 2050 adding nearly 900 million people to Indian cities requiring the urban capacity to grow by nearly 400% in less than 40 years. 1

Rapid urbanization is a global phenomenon. True to the trend, India a largely agrarian economy is now swiftly transforming into an IT based industrial and commercial hub with the government's thrust on 'Digital India' and 'Make in India' policies.

Hitachi is totally aligned with the government policies and is fully geared to collaborate with the policy makers, the customers and the society to build a sustainable urban infrastructure that promotes greener, safer and smarter living.

Hitachi's superior products and original technologies have immensely contributed to the growth of smart cities worldwide.

Hitachi continues the legacy in India as well.

For over a century Hitachi has been engaged in helping its customers build better infrastructure in both developed and developing economies through cutting edge OT and IT technologies.

This has resulted in integrated growth of efficient urban infrastructure for the society to live better and enhanced efficiency of customers.

1 - Population Projection for India, 2001-26, Registrar General & Census Commissioner of India, 2006

Urban Development in India
  • Helping India Build Better

    Tata-Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd. in Kharagpur, West Bengal is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, dump trucks, motor graders and cranes.

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  • Modernising the Rail Transport

    In India, fast-paced urbanization and growing population is increasing vehicular density. Hitachi is addressing this issue through Social Innovation in Urban rail transport.

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  • Changing the Face of Vertical Transit Systems

    Urban structures are growing bigger and taller demanding better vertical transit modes. Hitachi's superior Elevators, Escalators & Moving Sidewalks are helping people move comfortably, safely, faster and efficiently.

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  • Advantage IoT in Manufacturing

    The digital India is fast moving towards an IoT India. Therefore, IoT based industrial systems and solutions that optimize output and cost are the logical way ahead.

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