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Social Innovation

Energy in India

India - the seventh largest and the second most populous country on the planet has an insatiable hunger for electric power.

Though being the fourth largest producer of electricity in the world, rapid urbanization and digitalization is widening the disparity between the supply - demand and exerting greater pressure on the existing conventional power generation facilities, which are swiftly depleting the non-recyclable natural resources. Uninterrupted, affordable, good quality electricity is essential to India’s rise as a global economic and IT powerhouse, making innovation in the energy sector the need of the hour.

The challenge is to surmount the present power deficit situation where apart from surge in consumption 15.5 million Below Poverty Line households and 9,500 villages still do not have access to the power grid.1 Innovations through Collaborative creation is the only way to devise smart solutions to bridge the wide gap and illuminate lives.

On the other hand, growing environmental concern about fossil fuel based electricity generation has turned the tide in favor of cleaner electricity generation sources worldwide. Leading coal-based power consuming countries, including China, have planned to phase out their coal-based generation facilities in order to control the increasing level of air pollution.

Energy in India

In line with the global trend the Government of India is also looking for solutions beyond conventional fossil fuel technology to provide uninterrupted quality power to all consumer categories and adequate electricity to agricultural consumers through sustainable power generation using a renewable resource like solar power, which is available in abundance in India.

Hitachi with its Social Innovation Business at the core of all its initiatives is a recognized global leader in Power Electronics sector.

In India Hitachi through Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics is an active contributor to this critical sector to nation’s growth.

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