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In addition to indicating the group's productivity, the level of collective happiness can also be an effective tool in organizational operations.

Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation has developed an amazing new wearable sensor that measures how happy and productive people are at work. The device gathers and analyzes data on human behavior and then uses the information to measure "organization activation level," which has strong links to work productivity. The device acts as a well-being indicator, able to quantify the distinctive pattern of physical movements, which is correlated to happiness level of a group. Knowing the collective happiness of a team at work can help evaluate management policies, among other important applications. For example, the results of the data gathered can be used to improve project and R&D management, and it can be used to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. In one test case, 215 call center employees wore the wearable sensor for 29 days. Once all the data was analyzed, the results were fascinating: when the collective happiness level was higher than average, the daily order receipt rate was 34% higher than in cases where the happiness level was lower than average.

The "new wearable sensor"

Content By: Hitachi
Release Date: April 10th 2015